Caring for the Caregiver Grant Program

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Grant Program Description:

The Caring for the Caregiver Grant Program promotes, implements, and provides financial support of up to $5000 per applicant annually to programs that provide workshops  and conferences for family caregivers and professionals who care for the terminally ill, elderly or dependent children in the geographical boundaries of the Catholic Diocese of Lexington. There are two types of CFC grants.

1. Seed Money Grants are intended for initiating a Caring for the Caregiver Program. These funds may be used for necessary start-up expenses. The ultimate objective of this seed grant is that the recipient organization will make a commitment to the future of the program by providing on-going support in its annual budget.

2. Grants to Organizations are intended to help improve or enhance established Caring for the Caregiver workshops and conferences.  These grants are typically paid after actual expenses are presented to the Board treasurer, but may be paid in advance in some circumstances, if requested and justified. In some cases, grants may be made to individuals associated with established organizations in order to better qualify those individuals to provide high quality care for terminally ill or elderly persons.

Application and Review Procedures:

Initial Contact: Discussion with the Caring for the Caregiver Committee is recommended in advance of making an application.

Limitations: The Grants Committee gives consideration to organizations providing services only in the geographical boundaries of the Catholic Diocese of Lexington, KY. Funds granted must be used for the purpose stated in the application. Grants up to $1,000 can be approved on a monthly basis by the Grant Committee. Grants over $1,000 will need full board approval. The board meets quarterly (February, May, August and November).

Terms of Grant Award: If an award is granted, the recipient is required to submit reports at 6 month intervals and until the funds are spent. The report must demonstrate that the grant was used for the intended purpose and should document the results of the investment. All grant funds not used for the specific purpose designated on the grant proposal must be returned to the Stoeckinger Foundation with a final report.  Failure to comply with these requirements disqualify an organization from consideration for future funding.